Beardyman - the Open Sauce Tour 2010

Beardyman - the Open Sauce Tour 2010 2011

in 2010 Beardyman went on tour around the UK performing a show based on suggestions from his fans. Here is it's story. Any likenesses to persons living or dead is completely intentional.

Somebody Loves Me

Somebody Loves Me 1952

Backstage musical biography of nightclub star Blossom Seeley that charts her rocky relationship with vaudeville singer Benny Fields.

Queen High

Queen High 1930

The two partners of a ladies' garter business are constantly feuding with each other. When they ask their lawyer to dissolve their partnership, he proposes that instead the two of them play a single poker hand: the loser to become the winner's personal manservant for a year.

John Shuttleworth: It's Nice Up North

John Shuttleworth: It's Nice Up North 2006

Shuttleworth travels to the Shetland Islands to test his theory that the further north in Great Britain you go the nicer people are, Shetland being the most far north part of the UK. He meets various Shetland people in unrehearsed situations. Many assume him to be a real person and not a comic creation, though some scenes are acted, particularly parts with famous local tour guide Elma Johnson.

Vacation on the Esmeralda Coast

Vacation on the Esmeralda Coast 1968

A hotel owner, in competition with a rival owner, finds a cache of lost treasure on the bottom of the bay after trying to drown himself which turns his life upside down.



SCANDAL FIRST LIVE -BEST★SCANDAL 2009- is the first DVD released by SCANDAL. It contains footage of their first one-man live tour, titled First One-Man Live Tour. The fourth date, BEST★Xmas, was added after the first three sold out. The DVD reached #5 on the Oricon overall DVD charts and charted for seven weeks.

Skid Row: Live at Wembley Stadium

Skid Row: Live at Wembley Stadium 1991

Wembley Stadium on 31st August 1991. Setlist: 01. Slave to the Grind 02. Big Guns 03. Piece of Me 04. Riot Act 05. 18 and Life 06. Psycho Love 07. Get the Fuck Out 08. Monkey Business 09. I Remember You 10. Youth Gone Wild

Mr. Big: Farewell Live in Japan

Mr. Big: Farewell Live in Japan 2002

This DVD is the live registration of Mr. Big's farewell tour in Japan. Recorded live at Tokyo International Forum on February 5, 2002. Tracklist: 1. Opening - Lost In America 2. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) 3. Shine 4. Price You Gotta Pay 5. Superfantastic 6. Alive And Kickin' 7. Suffocation 8. Static 9. Where Are They Now? 10. Take A Walk 11. Dancin' With My Devils 12. To Be With You 13. Electrified 14. Addicted To That Rush 15. Mr. Big 16. Blame It On My Youth

The Black Keys - Live at Lollapalooza Brazil 2013

The Black Keys - Live at Lollapalooza Brazil 2013 2013

1. Howlin' for You 2. Next Girl 3. Run Right Back 4. Same Old Thing 5. Dead and Gone 6. Gold on the Ceiling 7. Thickfreakness 8. Girl Is on My Mind 9. Your Touch 10. Little Black Submarines 11. Money Maker 12. Strange Times 13. Ten Cent Pistol 14. Sinister Kid 15. Everlasting Light 16. She's Long Gone 17. Tighten Up 18. Lonely Boy 19. I Got Mine

The Lumineers - Live in New Orleans

The Lumineers - Live in New Orleans 2012

This session was streamed live online on May 19, 2012 from New Orleans, LA. The Lumineers have that stomp-and-clap acoustic, heart-on-the-sleeve kind of sound. They've attracted devout fans, young, old and in-between who are drawn to their Americana-inflected sound in the vein of the Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons and their slow, sultry ballads that suggest the raw revelations of Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams.

Am I Black Enough for You

Am I Black Enough for You 2009

A creative documentary about the song recorded by soul-man Billy Paul in the 70's. But also about the Philly Sound, Philadelphia, racism, cocaine, money and fame in the life and love of a beautiful elderly couple.