Wake Up Singh

Wake Up Singh 2016

Wake up Singh is a family drama about the increasing culture of drugs in the youth of Punjab. Gursevak Singh belongs to a religious upper class Sikh family who lives the life of an ideal son and is popular amongst his friends in college.

Las estrellas del estuario

Las estrellas del estuario 2009

Guided by a map, four children decide to embark on a fascinating adventure to find a magical treasure. While their parents search for them, the children find the meaning and magic of the nature they promise to protect and care.

Bir Soinik

Bir Soinik 2003

At the eve of Liberation War, Mohammad Ali is a military of East Pakistan army. He falls in love with his Superior's daughter Mehnaz and marries her. Mehnaz's father kills Ali's mother and sister with the help of Ramjan Ali. The war breaks out and Sharafat Khan takes away his daughter to Pakistan. After war Ali goes to Pakistan to take back his wife. He returns with his son Abdullah but his wife gets killed by Ramjan Ali. Can Ali find Ramjan Ali to take revenge.


Ammajan 1999

Ammajan (English: Dear Mother) is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film directed by Kazi Hayat and written by Monwar Hossain Dipjol. The film was released in 1999 in Bangladesh. It was produced by Monwar Hossain Dipjol. It is a drama film and superstars Manna, Shabnam Moushumi, Amin Khan, Monwar Hossain Dipjol, Miju Ahmed and more. It is all-time blockbuster Bangladeshi movie and it is one of the highest-grossing films at Bangladesh box-office.

Azhiyatha Kolangal

Azhiyatha Kolangal 2017

Azhiyatha Kolangal is an upcoming Tamil drama film written and directed by M. R. Bharathi and produced by Eswari Rao. The film features starring Prakash Raj, Archana and Revathy in the leading roles, while Nassar appears in a pivotal role. Featuring music composed by Aravind Siddhartha, Azhiyatha Kolangal began production in September 2015.

Karl and the Curious Tower

Karl and the Curious Tower 2010

Catboy Karl and his friends Pnett the bunny and Lolo the squirrel live in a small town with a rickety bell-tower made of the strangest collection of blocks, bits, and peices. Three tiems a day, an old man rings the bell in the tower and keeps the life of the town on track. When he fails to ring one day, nobody knows when to eat lunch. Karl decides to go and find out what's happened, and opens the door to adventures.

Man and the Moon

Man and the Moon 1955

The moon is the subject here. Man's fascination with the moon (via animation) is presented, as is the moon's usage in popular culture (from Shakespeare to nursery rhymes to popular songs). Also, superstitions and suppositions associated with the moon is presented. Then scientific research on the moon is shown, followed by plans for (and then a simulation of) an actual trip around the moon.

Wind of Wandering

Wind of Wandering 1978

Two young children are traveling through all the USSR in order to meet their father who is wounded in the hospital.

The Golden Mahmudia

The Golden Mahmudia 1987

Two youngsters vacationing at the Black Sea sneak onto a mysterious ship and spy the peculiar activities of a treasure-seeking crew. They are discovered and imprisoned as the ship heads for an uncharted island. Their parents put together an expedition and after numerous adventures the treasure hunters are apprehended and the mystery of a secret cove is solved.

Undercover Gang

Undercover Gang 1986

In 1915 four kids try to stop the arsonist who is terrifying their small New Zealand town, but no one believes them. Based on the novel by Maurice Gee.


Zompi 2005

Alex, a 10 year old child, faces the trauma of his parents' divorce, a new home, neighborhood, and school. Alex dreams of being a famous ballplayer like his father, but the instability of his new life makes him an insecure child and unable to recognize his talent. The arrival of Zompi, a virtual intelligent animal, transforms and helps him overcome all his fears.

Three Cheers for Us

Three Cheers for Us 1974

A story about ten year old Enrico who spends the summer in the village mostly playing Indians with his friends.

Super Didi

Super Didi 2016

In two weeks absence of his wife, a young brilliant architect has to look after his two little girls as a clueless father. In the meantime he got a deadline of the most important project in his career.

The Secret Things of God

The Secret Things of God 2008

Noted author and psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud (Boundaries) explores the Judeo-Christian perspective on The Secret phenomenon, revealing age-old truths about the powerful attraction that exists in between God and the creation whom He loves.