Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe 1982

Two evacuated children in wartime rural England find two German airmen hiding out in the woods. An adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's 1977 novel from writer/director John Krish .

The Ghost of Monk's Island

The Ghost of Monk's Island 1966

Sailing too far from shore, the Robinson children are marooned on a deserted Island. Their fight for survival is hampered by mysterious events, and the even more mysterious 'Ghost of Monk's Island'.

The Hunch

The Hunch 1967

A pleasure cruiser is abandoned by all aboard and Ian, Janet and Harry, children of a trawler skipper go out in their launch to claim her. They are marooned on the cruiser by accident and saved by a rival trawler skipper.


Mischief 1969

Mischief' is the latest addition to a pony trekking stable. Davy looks after him during the school holidays and discovers that 'Mischief' was once a circus pony and reacts to the sound of music. This leads to incidents full of excitement and suspense.


Sanjog 1972

A woman accept a new job only to discover she is now the boss of the man she married in secret a few years ago.

Padre nuestro

Padre nuestro 1953

Pops is dismissed from his banking job for embezzlement, and his family have to adjust to a more modest lifestyle.

Danny the Dragon

Danny the Dragon 1966

Gavin, Jean and Peter meet Danny the Dragon, an unintentional visitor from outer space. Danny and the children encounter many adventures before Danny finally manages to return to his own planet.

The Dawn Killer

The Dawn Killer 1959

Sheepdog Glen, accused of sheep killing on the Romney Marshes, is cleared by the efforts of his two youthful owners in time for the Sheepdog Trials.

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock 1964

A young lad attempts to climb Eagle Rock by himself and learns the hard way that sometimes teamwork is the best way to do things.

Nobuko Rides on a Cloud

Nobuko Rides on a Cloud 1955

A little girl who falls into a lake and is saved by a god who then takes her up to the clouds and shows her what the world was like before she was born and what the world would be like if she where never born. While in the clouds she meets her grandparents and a few other people she loved who have passed on.

Toni, You're Crazy

Toni, You're Crazy 1968

In the village cemetery, the funeral of a married couple - victims of a car crash - is ending. The relatives unscrupulously take away the facilities of the dead people's little cottage, totally ignorant of the fate of eight-year old Ruda, whom the childless couple took from a children's home and adopted. Fortunately, an elderly lonesome uncle named Tony remains in the empty cottage and decides to take care of the boy, nicknamed Münchie after Baron Münchhausen for his wild imagination.

Powerful Stuff

Powerful Stuff 1988

Powerful Stuff is a 1988 Electrical safety film made by the Independent Business Television Limited for the Electricity Council. It was shown in schools and edited into stand-alone PIFs for television broadcast.

Show Kids

Show Kids 1935

During the Great Depression, vaudeville has fallen on hard times. The Palace Theater may have to close its doors, unless the proprietor, William Jenkins, does something different, so he allows his 12-year-old son to put on a kiddie show that packs the house.

Unfamiliar Case

Unfamiliar Case 1985

A young girl is looking for her long lost father while visiting Riga during winter vacations.