6Teen: Dude of the Living Dead

6Teen: Dude of the Living Dead 2005

One by one, patrons and staff alike are succumbing to an unknown virus and acting very strange. The customers at The Khaki Barn seem much pastier than usual. Wyatt finds a human thumb in his taco. Coach Halder has taken to biting customers, and Caitlin's new boyfriend has turned pasty gray and has really nasty breath - eww! And we won't even mention what becomes of poor Pokey the Panda. It doesn't take the gang long to realize what's happened - the mall has been overtaken by ZOMBIES!

Free and Easy 10

Free and Easy 10 1998

Su-san resigns after getting fed up with corporate life, but he finds himself back in familiar surroundings on his first assignment at a new job.

About Show-White

About Show-White 1972

Sixth-grade pupil Katka daydreams during a math class about being Snow White and being freed by a prince who looks very much like Dzery from the eighth grade. Katka, her girl friends Lenka and Martina, and her fellow-pupils Franta, Joska and freckled Vrabcák, have spent five years going to the same little one-class school in their home mountain village of Pastvina. Their kind teacher Smetácek was very understanding about their games and fantasies, but he didn't teach them much about arithmetic. They are now laughed at for their ignorance by the strict Bidlo, their new teacher at the near-by little town. As he does every year, Smetácek is preparing a theatre performance with the local children. Katka suggests the fairytale about Snow White

Daniel und der Weltmeister

Daniel und der Weltmeister 1963

Little Daniel is a huge fan of cycling. He constantly drives around on his three-wheeler, knowing that he wants to become a famous racing cyclist – just as fast and famous as the world champion Täve Schur. But until then he has to struggle with the difficulties of growing up. His mother, for example, wants him to drink milk – even though Daniel does not find this very suitable for world champions. To get affirmation, Daniel starts searching for his role model Täve. On the way, he has some interesting encounters and experiences many adventures. When he finally meets Täve at a race, Daniel is astonished to watch him pleasurably drink a bottle of milk after an outstanding victory.

The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop

The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop 2015

The smallest kid on the enchanted Wonderpine Mountain has plans to be a big adventurer just like his Grandpa. As he encounters obstacles, Knickerbock Teetertop uses perseverance and encouragement from Grandpa and friends Holly and Otto to "adventure on, adventure through."

El tesoro del Yunque

El tesoro del Yunque 2001

A group of children camp in the yard of their grandmother's house in the outskirts of El Yunque. Plunged into a fantastic collective dream, the children get lost in El Yunque and experience the adventure of finding their way home, as they meet themselves and three magical characters who represent our cultural mix: an indian, a black freed slave, and a Spanish gentleman.

El cuento inolvidable de la abuela

El cuento inolvidable de la abuela 2002

The story develops with the character of the grandmother, who visits one of her daughters to celebrate Christmas Eve. It is precisely in that place where she sits on the couch and starts recounting stories to her granddaughters.


Aberrant 2016

When the groom's oldest friend, Cole, (Jack Quaid) finds out his best friend, Jason, (Jared Wernick) is getting married, he escapes from the institution he has been incarcerated in and makes a surprise visit to serve as the best man. Something does not seem right between bride, Gretchen, (Justine Magnusson) and groom. None of their friends seem to fully support the marriage and have secrets of their own. Unresolved about their relationship and endlessly obsessed with the groom, Cole stirs up everyone and everything, making it a weekend to remember.

Good Luck, Orlo!

Good Luck, Orlo! 2016

A baby has died. Orlo's parents are consumed with grief. In an attempt to make them happy and his family whole again, Orlo does something unexpected.

The Break

The Break 1983

A story about a little boy who lives in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Family Answers

Family Answers 1996

This special presentation features family experts sharing practical suggestions on how to draw family members closer together, improve communication, positively and peacefully resolve conflict, and encourage greater understanding.