Ingen morgondag

Ingen morgondag 1957

It is in a battlefield in Karelia, Finland during the Continuation war (1941-1944). Intensive shooting between Finnish and Soviet troops takes place. The Soviet occupation is strong, and on the Finnish side it is ordered to withdraw. But Captain Viktor Aaltonen does not listen to the order but wants to shorten a wounded companion's suffering. Aaltonen is taken to the Soviet prison camp, Vorkuta, where he will spend a decade.

The Fifth Ambush

The Fifth Ambush 1968

A partisan battalion falls into enemy trap more than once, which makes them suspect it's about treason. Their commissar and commander move the unit in a remote settlement in order to discover the enemy agent. This draws a lot of suspicion and distrust within the unit, and finally it was the head of the battalion who was charged as guilty, and executed. However, was he the real intruder? The commissar and the commander take the battalion to a new battle without definitive knowledge of the whole present situation.

Nikoletina Bursac

Nikoletina Bursac 1964

The mother of a national hero Nikoletina Bursac leads an imaginary conversation with the statue of her deceased son. We follow events from Nikoletina's life and war: his joining of the partisans together with his neighbor Jovica Jez, meeting with the small Jewish girl Erna who survived the slaughter of her village, constant quarrels and friendship with commander Pirgo and commissar Zlatko, meeting with Curetak and their unsuccessful love relationship.

The Dangerous Journey

The Dangerous Journey 1963

In the last days of WW2 two children from former Yugoslavia manage to escape a Nazi concentration camp. They begin a long and dangerous journey home.


Escapes 1968

Political prisoners imprisoned in Yugoslavia will try to escape from prison by digging a channel under the ground and join the partisans.

Quest for the Dragon

Quest for the Dragon 1961

Two illegal fighters hide from Ustasha regime in the abandoned villa from which Jews are expelled. Tensions arising from their situation mixes with thoughts of the previous owners of the place.

The Last Roll-Call

The Last Roll-Call 1962

In October 1941 the Nazis decide to crush a rebellion in Serbia by mass shootings of civilians. In the city of Kragujevac thousands of people, including entire high school classes, were rounded up and shot in one day. The movie follows the fate of one of such classes.

Dubrovnik Twilight

Dubrovnik Twilight 1999

Destinies of few people from Dubrovnik, as well as Croatian fighters against Yugoslav People's Army in the battle of Srdj, mountain behind the town's walls.

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed Combat 1941

A Training film for the British Home Guard (British Army) on unarmed combat. The instructor is none other than Capt. W. E. Fairbairn and the narrator is David Niven. Techniques were also taught to SOE, Parachute Regiment (British Paratroopers) The British Commandos, and the Special Air Service,

Temptation on Glamour Island

Temptation on Glamour Island 1959

Comedy about three soldiers, two female reporters, six prostitutes, and the wife of an officer, all stranded on a South Seas island at the end of World War II.

Letter from Aldershot

Letter from Aldershot 1940

Part of the Canada Carries On series, this short film portrays the First Division of the Canadian Active Service Force in Aldershot, England. Using an intimate letter home as a narrative device, this film reveals how the troops were received, what their living conditions were like, how they would get along with their English allies and how they spent their leisure time.

The Four Feathers

The Four Feathers 1921

When a British army officer, Harry Faversham, resigns his commission on the eve of his regiment's departure for service in the Sudan he is sent four white feathers of cowardice by his comrades and fiancee. In an attempt to redeem himself, Faversham travels out to the Sudan where he saves the lives of his former comrades.