Sub! 2000

An italian piazza is invaded by an unlikely...invader.

Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible

Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible 1996

Inspired by the theatrical magicians Siegfried and Roy, this animated adventure transplants the stage personalities into a fantastical world called Sarmoti, where the once powerful witches and fairies of the land have had their magical abilities stolen by an invading race from Endland. Now, heroic magic wielders Siegfried, Roy, and Roy's magical white tiger Manticore are the only ones who can set things right - if they can just get along with each other.

Kamishibai Kintaro

Kamishibai Kintaro 1934

Kintaro, gentle and strong, is popular in the forest. He eventually becomes a great samurai with the name Sakata no Kintoki.

Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket 1966

Allegorical animated short about the power of creation and destruction. An unknown man carries a wicker basket filled with elements resembling human figures. After their combination the small creatures are come to life. The creator tries to force them to listen. As a result of refusal, a conflict arises.


Nikki 2000

Have you ever eavesdropped on a couple having a fight? Then maybe followed them for a few blocks and wanted to cheer up the loser? As Nikki finds out in this short for Cartoon Network, this is not a great idea.

The Inspector Is Back!

The Inspector Is Back! 1959

The inspector cautiously walks the city streets avoiding “dangers”. He comes home, washes his feet and reads newspapers. Suddenly he sees a fingerprint that makes a run for it. The inspector follows it…


Rythm 1935

A comfortable rhythm composed of light and shadow. Director Ogino-style absolute movie which freely manipulates geometric figures.


Chaos 2000

Hand-drawn animation exploring the subjectivity of perception, chaos theory, and the universe.


Jukebox 1994

Employing a montage of xeroxed images, paintings and sound, Jukebox is a personal journey through fragmented experience.

Way Stations in Space

Way Stations in Space 1960

This educational film explains how Earth-orbiting space platforms and lunar bases ("way stations") will serve a key role in the exploration of our solar system.