Gargoyle 2005

A grieving woman moves through a churchyard at night and attracts the attention of one of the stone guardians of the church.

Crusher Joe: The OVAs

Crusher Joe: The OVAs 1989

The OAVs are concentrated more on narrowly focused plots which tend to take place in one locale and deal with confrontations putting our heroes in tense life-or-death situations. They're well-written, offer excitement and genuine suspense and are marked by high quality animation and design that's as good as any theatrical space anime we've seen.


Neverwhere 1968

A meek office worker finds himself flung into a fantasy world as a naked muscleman. An early version of the Den character, known from the comic magazine Heavy Metal and the movie by the same name.

Reproduction Cycle Among Unicellular Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars

Reproduction Cycle Among Unicellular Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars 1979

A classroom biological science documentary from the future which shows what the Spirit and Opportunity landers are filming on the planet Mars RIGHT NOW with their electron microscope-cameras, but not sharing with us. Some monster nudity, simulated stop-motion sex. Animated in claymation (in 1976) by Douglass Smith, aka Rev. Ivan Stang, devotee of Slack master and Sex God J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, who discovered the Conspiracy and an invasion by UFOs, and founded The Church of the SubGenius, an adults-only religion for mutants, misfits, weirdos.

I Can't Wait

I Can't Wait 2014

This is a simple, bittersweet tale for all ages that you feel like storing away deep inside of you, yet one that is so full of emotion that you’ll end up sharing with everyone around you. It’s the story of life itself.

ARIEL: All Round Intercept & Escort Lady

ARIEL: All Round Intercept & Escort Lady 1989

The Earth is being invaded by aliens. Fortunately, the aliens are so concerned about budgets and the cost of the invasion that they haven't succeeded yet. To defend the Earth, Dr Kishida has designed ARIEL, a giant robot shaped in the likeness of a woman with body-armor. Unfortunately, he has selected his relatives (his grand-daughters Aya and Kazumi Kishida, and his niece Mia Kawai) to be the pilots, and they are far more interested in their own lives.

Three Transitions

Three Transitions 1973

"The tape is one of the seminal works in video. In three short exercises, Campus uses basic techniques of video technology and his own image to create succinct, almost philosophical metaphors for the psychology of the self. In these concise performances, he employs video's inherent properties as a metaphorical vehicle for articulating transformations of internal and external selves, illusion and reality."

Noise of the World

Noise of the World 2013

A composer is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world. Through his music, he will find a way to keep the noise under control.


Parle-moi 2016

Two ex-lovers meet again after a few years being apart. Electrified by the encounter, they decide to spend the night together.

Eleven Cats and an Albatross

Eleven Cats and an Albatross 1986

Eleven naughty cats on the run from the neighborhood police chief hear that a giant fish is nearby for the taking. They go on a hazardous quest find it, learning that they must work as a team to reach their goal.

Building 108

Building 108 2016

The misadventures of a ragtag trio of young broke mutant musicians who live and rehearse in a dilapidated building in a post-apocalyptic predatory urban environment.

Time Rodent

Time Rodent 2016

In a distant future where the night has devoured the day, the inhabitants of a mutating world feed exclusively on artificial light.


Pornography 2016

Everything you always wanted to know about pornography (but were afraid to ask).


Theevan 2012

The film follows the journey of a boy named 'Theevan' who is destined to bring back what he wants the most. Theevan faces many challenges and hardships along the way but he is not willing to give up as hope keeps him strong enough to last days and months without food in the dense and dark forests of Anandhapuraadam.