Spooky Kitaro

Spooky Kitaro 1968

Kitarō, a ghost, spends his afterlife helping humans in need of his skills. He thwarts the plans of evil spirits who live to torment humanity. A retelling of episodes 5-6 from the 1968 TV anime.

Rickety Gin

Rickety Gin 1927

Oswald plays a cop who woos a nurse who wanders into the park. Pete then gets Oswald drunk and woos the nurse wearing Oswald's stolen uniform.

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs 1926

Director Charley Bowers has the unlikely pair of Mutt and Jeff go mountain climbing, dealing with the cartoon laws of physics and various wild animals, including a mountain goat with more personality than their exhibit in their movies.

The Social Side of Health

The Social Side of Health 1969

The narrator tells of the three sides of health represented by a triangle with the physical side at the bottom, the mental side on the left, and the social side-the subject of this film-on the right.

The Mad Locomotive

The Mad Locomotive 1922

This one is amusing in its early use of the rubber tire school of animation as Mr. Givny informs Jerry that they are out of coal for the train. The passengers who appear behave amusingly and when the train itself takes on anthropomorphic life, it makes its own sense -- outrageous for the day, even if slightly banal for fans of "Thomas the Engine".

Scrap for Victory

Scrap for Victory 1943

The opening scene shows a battle going on, and a soldier tells his commanding officer that they're running low on artillery. The commanding officer phones in to headquarters, and he tells them of the situation. During the rest of the cartoon, a song tells how all scrap donations are needed for the war effort. Dump trucks and horsedrawn carts going up and down city streets, and people throw their scraps, such as old pots, pans and shoes, into the truck/wagon. At one point, someone throws a picture of Adolf Hitler into the back of one of the wagons. The song goes "Have you got any scrap, have you got any wood, any iron, rubber, or tin? For we need all your might, Uncle Sam's in a fight, and he needs your help again."

Barnyard Blackout

Barnyard Blackout 1943

"Put out that light!" Gandy Goose and Sourpuss are Civil Defense air raid wardens on the home front during World War II. They come across a rooster and his family. The rooster fails to heed the media warnings to prepare in advance for blackout drills and scrambles to find suitable materials to make a blackout room in his house- with covered-up windows and no lights on- when the drill does come with hilarious results.

The Wreck of the Hesperus

The Wreck of the Hesperus 1944

When the sailing ship 'Hesperus' gets into trouble in a raging sea-storm, the ever-vigilant lighthouse keeper, Mighty Mouse, flies forth and comes to the rescue of the captain, his fair-maiden daughter, and the crew.

Gandy's Dream Girl

Gandy's Dream Girl 1944

Gandy (who sleeps with Sourpuss for some unknown reason) dreams about Sourpuss's girlfriend, so Sourpuss keeps waking him up and beating the heck out of him. Later, Sourpuss figures out how he can get into the dreams, too.

Kiddie Koncert

Kiddie Koncert 1948

Wally Walrus is the conductor at a local schoolhouse who conducts the entire school band to the tune of "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna".

The Wonder Gloves

The Wonder Gloves 1951

Uncle George is showing Little Johnny, his nephew, the pair of boxing gloves he claims enabled him, when he was the janitor at a training-gym, to beat up the bullying prizefighting champion. Little Johnny scoffs at the tale until the 'wonder gloves' gives him a spanking.