Accident 1973

Jules Engel's Accident (1973) is a two-fold work of lithography and experimental animation to equally assert this awareness in the history of art, cinema, and experimental animation. Aside from a surface language of animal locomotion, the primacy of the frame as a principle of timing acceleration, deceleration and variation is fulfilled in the collective Muybridge, Engel and Deleuze. (

The Well

The Well 1999

A small creature travels through a well, hanging on a bubble and encountering various other strange life-forms.


Velodrool 2015

An addicted biker runs out of cigarettes. He joins a race to get more, but has to take help from some peculiar people in the audience to stay in the competition.


Mirror 2015

Animation based on the December 7, 2015 cover of The New Yorker by graphic novelist Chris Ware, with voice recording of a mother worrying about her reaction to daughter’s first make-up.

Ticking Away

Ticking Away 2016

A lonely watchmaker likes his job. His life hasn’t been easy. One evening a strange man brings him a special watch to repair.

Miniforce: Justice Defender

Miniforce: Justice Defender 2015

Miniforce is a secrete commando force protecting little animals from Nein and Pascal. One day, Pascal calls up Alien Jody to disrupt the animals using his brainwashing power. The Miniforce appears, but they don’t seem to stand a chance against the powerful strength of Jody, who can simply copy the opponent’s power and weapons. Even worse, a Flower Mechamon appears and spreads pollen that makes everyone cry.

Down with the Dawn

Down with the Dawn 2012

Coiling and turning orbs travel through the stratosphere. Birth and transcendence short animation from Run Wrake and Howie B.


Carl 2015

The plot of this Action/Romance short-film starts with the duel of Carl (Robot-Gladiator-Champion) and Space Jesus. Before the finishing blow could land, rescue comes in the form of a Techno-Angel, who turns out to be Carl’s long lost love. So he changes sides and goes head to head against Drill-Raptors, EggBeater-Scorpions and a mighty BBQ-Octopus.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds 2015

Two characters finding hope and coming together in the bleakest of moments. One marooned on a desolate planet and the other crash landing on the same planet. Both have benefits to helping each other find solace in this barren world.

The Control Master

The Control Master 2008

In the peaceful Halftone City, a mysterious heroine and a brave ally face the ultimate threat. Director: Run Wrake (as John Wrake)


Shooting 2012

The members of Serbian army kill innocent Bosnian Muslim victims after Srebrenica massacre in the nearby village of Kravice.

Prehistoric Caveman

Prehistoric Caveman 1971

An amateur short stop-motion animation about simple adventure of prehistoric caveman, which Tim Burton filmed when he was young.

The Thaw

The Thaw 2004

A young boy becomes interested in the bodies of living things and starts to develop phobias after seeing a dog's corpse. Before long all manner of things begin to appear grotesque to him.