Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch 1983

A door-to-door salesman tries to use the gift of the gab to sell an elderly couple things they don't really need.



The Story of Mouseland was a story first told by Clarence Gillis, and later and most famously by Tommy Douglas, leader of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Commonwealth Federation that became the New Democratic Party of Canada, both social democratic parties. It was a political fable expressing the CCF's view that the Canadian political system was flawed in offering voters a false dilemma: the choice of two parties, neither of which represented their interests.

The Gift of Winter

The Gift of Winter

(TV Short 1974) Long, long ago the world didn't have any snow and winter was a time of wind, darkness and cold. One day a group of kids with a heartfelt cause to transform the season marched to the Ministry of Winter to persuade the all-powerful, icy-hearted Mr.Winter to use his magic and bestow the great gift of snowfall upon the world. It's a gift that makes the season full of wonder and joy, it is The Gift of Winter.

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?



Deals with the modern social problem of solid waste production and management.

Visages de Femmes

Visages de Femmes 1970

"[P]ortraits of three women in the characteristic Foldes style: Sibylle, the psychedelic woman, Flora, the flower woman, Bilitis, the happy woman." - MIFF


Icarus 1989

This is indeed the story of Icarus, son of Dedalus, trapped in a labyrinth, but with a variation.

Ants in the Pantry

Ants in the Pantry 1970

The Bongo Pest Control Agency gets a call for an ant problem, so the Aardvark intercedes to take care of the call himself.


Accident 1973

Jules Engel's Accident (1973) is a two-fold work of lithography and experimental animation to equally assert this awareness in the history of art, cinema, and experimental animation. Aside from a surface language of animal locomotion, the primacy of the frame as a principle of timing acceleration, deceleration and variation is fulfilled in the collective Muybridge, Engel and Deleuze. (

Trick or Retreat

Trick or Retreat 1971

Rattfink helps the Indians defeat the fort guarded by Roland, but the Indians goof up. Roland managed to get rid of their leader, Rattfink and signed the peace treaty. The Indians invite Roland for peace pipe, and one of the Indians accidentally filled the pipe with gun powder.

For Almost Forgotten Stories

For Almost Forgotten Stories 1994

A somewhat dark and surreal tale by Naoyuki Tsuji. Our protagonist sets out on a journey in a world which starts at The Gate of Confusion. To complete his travels, he must meet various strange characters to relieve himself of his burdens and set himself free.

Dr. Devious: More Dance in Cyberspace

Dr. Devious: More Dance in Cyberspace 1993

Let Doctor Devious and the wise men take you on a journey to cyberspace. As you travel through, take a hold and feel the incomprehensible power, relax… Reach for the alpha state where your subconscious resides.