A Young Lady's Resentment

A Young Lady's Resentment 1974

As the king succeeds to the throne, His Excellency Kim Han-Jik commits suicide after he entrusted his children to his faithful servant Lee Kang-Hak since he is afraid of being invited to a disaster. Newly charged lord of the town harbors an evil heart to Suk-Yong, Kim's daughter, rather he is on the edge of being killed by her. He is saved by Kang-Hak who kills her and Kim's sons. After that Kang-Hak is on a streak of success and finally becomes the lord of that town. One day Suk-Young's ghost appears to torture Kang-Hak while villagers are killed every day until Kang-Hak is the only survivor. On the day even Kang-Hak is supposed to be killed, His Excellency Kim's ghost takes other ghosts. After a while Kang-Hak wakes up and sets up a tombstone to console them.

The Story of Lady Arang

The Story of Lady Arang 1974

As a chief of town is dispatched to Mil-Yang and each time the chief dies on the first day, the government looks for a volunteer to be the chief of Mil-Yang regardless of social position. So Chil-Deok, a peddler, takes that job. As night falls, a ghost appears and asks him to resolve her resentment. Her story is this : Her name is Arang, and she is daughter of former chief of town Jeong Yun-Seo. She is in love with Kim, son of a ruined noble family. As her father is angry at their love, Yoon Do-Seung makes an ill use of Jeong's wrath. Kim is killed in Yoon's trap and Arang is too killed when she tris to run away. Chil-Deok takes Arang's body out of a well and punishes Yoon Do-Seung to resolve her resentment. After that he leaves the town.

Evil Spirit

Evil Spirit 1974

Once upon a time, since a head of a village is killed mysteriously, nobody wants to take that post. At that time Won-Seok whose wife is so beautiful voluntarily takes the post and makes efforts to solve the case. Since he doesn't believe in superstition, he firmly believes that the murder is committed by somebody not by an evil spirit. However outline of the murderer is not cleared while mysterious things happen one after another.


Cheonmasingeom 1974

Lee Ryong and Mrs. Byeon meets a boy when they come back from a prayer for a hundred days to get a son. They name the boy Jeong-Nam and put him under an old monk to practice martial art. As he finishes mastering martial art, Jeong-Nam saves a girl on his way from the mountain and names her Ri-Ok who comes home with him. As the devil king of Chil Bo Mountain finds one of his follower is assaulted by Jeong-Nam, he kidnaps Lee Ryong couple. Then Jeong-Nam starts to Chil Bo mountain to save his parents. He defeats the devil king with his long trained martial art and help of Ri-Ok in spite of dangerous adventures and finally saves his parents.


Spirits 1973

Spirits of Chun-Sam's mother and wife, who are raped and severely murdered by Rang-Son and his followers, appear to kill 4 knights. Surprised by this, the lord asks Chun-Sam to help Rang-Son to seize the ghosts. Ghosts recognize him and avoid fighting. But his wife's spirit can't tolerate longing for him and appears to him to spend one night in defiance with her mother-in-law's dissuade. Rang-Son understand the situation and tries to catch the ghosts by using Chun-Sam as a bait, but the ghosts kill his followers. As Chun-Sam finds the truth, he kills Rang-Son. When Chun-Sam builds graves for his mother and wife, two ghosts revive from death and appear in front of him


Baebaeng-i 1973

A powerful Minister Oh sends his political enemy Governor Jeong to exile and takes his son Jeong junior as a hostage. Oh's widowed daughter becomes in love for Jeong junior but he rejects her saying he is engaged with Bae Baeng-Yi who is a daughter of a noble family in Jeong Seung Gol village. Lady Oh is driven mad at jealousy of Bae Baeng-Yi. She disguises as a shaman and invites Bae Baeng-Yi to a mountain where she kills the girl. At her funeral as Bae Baeng-Yi's coffin doesn't move, a shaman holds an exorcism and asks Jeong junior to soothe for her spirit and fidelity. Finally funeral service is over without problem. By the way lady Oh, who is annoyed by Bae Baeng-Yi's resented spirit, falls from a cliff to death in a half-mad state. Those who exploited illicit and superstition die out.


Fidelity 1973

Not long after he married, Yoo has to enter the army leaving behind his wife Kil and daughter Young. He is taken a prisoner of war in a battlefield. Without knowing this, Kil and Young firmly hope Yoo's safe return from the war while they overcome temptation, poverty, epidemics and even drought. But an influential man of their village rapes Kil and Young. Yoo takes a revenge on him but he is killed during the fight with the leader of enemy.

A Resented Woman

A Resented Woman 1973

Bo-Young's spirit can't go to heaven because she died as an unmarried girl. Her nanny who died before her feels sorry for Bo-Young and tries to arrange a soul marriage to Jeong junior who sends private supplies in private for his jailed father due to false charge to ascend Bo-Young to heaven. Meanwhile Jeong junior can not control the chief of village who false charged on Jeong senior and deprived his properties, and even he requests for hidden fortune. Thus Bo-Young and her nanny makes Jeong junior pass the civil service examination and beat the greedy and wicked chief of village to save innocent Jeong senior. Finally nanny and Bo-Young who loves Jeong junior ascend to heaven.

Bloody Mansion Death

Bloody Mansion Death 1990

Seven sexy women receive a strange invitation for the weekend at an isolated villa. The big house looks dark and empty but soon they discover the dead body of an old man in the garden. They decide to spend the night there as the house is far away from the city and the phone doesn't work. But a dark shadow dressed in black and wearing black gloves starts to butcher them one by one with a huge knife.

The Singing Bird Will Come

The Singing Bird Will Come 2015

A girl is forced to return to her hometown from London after her mother's death and the break-up of her relationship. Taking a job as a night cleaner in a restaurant, she is troubled by the appearance of the ghost of a girl who disappeared years ago. A mystery unfolds around her, putting her in danger of meeting the same fate.

Breeding Farm

Breeding Farm 2013

After a night of partying, four friends are kidnapped by a mysterious man. The friends wake up in a basement, and realize they are part of something horrifying. A human breeding farm. They are to be milked, bred, and much, much worse.


Cheondong 1973

Beautiful but poor Bo-Ok is sold to Man-Seok who treats her as on a sexual partner. As his three sisters maltreat her as well, lonely Bo-Ok endures all odds and difficulties with relying emotionally on innocent and honest servant Cheon-Dong. But Man-Seok misunderstands them and kills Cheon-Dong. As he tries to kill even Bo-Ok, Cheon-Dong's hatred spirit appears to save her and sends Man-Seok's three sisters to hell where they experience sufferings and regret their faults. After he watches Bo-Ok's happiness, Cheon-Dong's spirit disappears to heaven.

Ok-Nyeo's Resentment

Ok-Nyeo's Resentment 1972

Ok-Nyo, daughter of poor but noble family, falls in love with a young noble man Mr. Jeong. Hyang-A, daughter of chief of district, is so jealous that set a fire in Ok-Nyo's house using her father's power. Ok-Nyo and her family helplessly die. Mr. Jeong has to marry to Hyang-A because he is forced to do so by chief of district. Every night Ok-Nyo's resented spirit appears in the disguise of Hyang-A to torment Hyang-A. After the days of terrible horror, Hyang-A regrets what she did and comes back to Mr. Jeong.


Resistance 1972

Kim Joe Rang, the new appointed chief of the village, takes charge of a strange case from the first day. A villager is dead just after telling that he saw a ghost. Kim Joe Rang offers his daughter for reward and sends monk Chon-Won and his pupil Min-Do to get rid of the ghost. But they are killed by the ghost. Kim Joe Rang goes to Jeom-Sa who tells him that is wolf's mischief and they should sacrifice a young lady born in Mu-Jin year to solve the problem. Kim is looking for the right person and his daughter Ran volunteers to be a sacrifice. When Ran is alone in the mountain trembling with fear, an eminent monk appears to help her and they defeat the ghost.

My Sister's Regrets

My Sister's Regrets 1971

Dal-Rae's father gets killed by his concubine Seo-Mo, who later entraps Dal-Rae into death, also. But Do-Wun, Dal-Rae's younger brother, continues to study for the state examination in some temple, not knowing his father and sister's death. Dal-Rae's ghost tries to protect her youngest brother Do-Seon from Seo-Mo's intrigue. When Do-Seon was on the verge of being killed, Do-Wun who won the first place in the state examination saves his brother. While Seo-Mo and her evil group gets killed accused of their horrible atrocities, Do-Wun goes to Han Yang with his brother, asking Cheong-Am, his teacher and a great Buddhist monk, to pray for Dal-Rae's soul.

Tragic Death of Ambition

Tragic Death of Ambition 1971

Heo-Don marries So-Yeon who saved his life, and goes to Han Yang to succeed in the world with the help of his father-in-law. But Heo-Don, a very ambitious man, remarries some magistrate's daughter Kil-Rae, and doesn't want to meet So-Yeon and her servant Pal-Bok, who get killed accused of committing adultery. Jang-Hyeon, So-Yeon's brother, is appointed as a new magistrate in the town after the former one was scared to death by So-Yeon's ghost. Getting to know that his sister's death was by false accusation, Jang-Hyeon investigates the case. Heo-Don, feeling guilty of what he's done, kills his wife and himself in front of Jang-Hyeon.

A Chinese Ghost

A Chinese Ghost 1971

In some village near Sachonsong in China, whenever crows caw at night, a village girl dies. When Ki Seok-Bok's daughter Yi-Hwa died, too, Seok-Bok's son-in-law Jin-Rang keeps watch on his sister-in-law Yeon-Hwa. The crow ghost avoids fight with Jin-Rang, leaving behind a bamboo pipe. As Jin-Rang's wife dies, the crow ghost gets incarnated in her. The crow ghost wanted to kill Ki Seok-Bok and his family because he killed Joo and her daughter Bu-Yong who got engaged with Jin-Rang at that time, in order to marry Jin-Rang to his daughter. The ghost mother and daughter tell the truth about their death to Jin-Rang and leaves after killing Seok-Bok.

White Fox

White Fox 1971

Three brothers of Jang-Su, Man-Su, and Jong-Su, and Bo-Ki, Su-Ni, and Jang-Su's wife Sam-Ok live together. A group of bandits kidnap Sam-Ok and demands that Jang-Su bring the skin of the white fox. Three brothers succeed in killing the white fox, but the evil spirit of the white fox begins to haunt them. The dead white fox gets incarnated as Sam-Ok, who is killed by three brothers, and Jin-Jin, an incarnated female white fox, marries Man-Su. Jin-Jin kills Bo-Ki who knew she is a fox, and kills also Man-Su and Jong-Su. Su-Ni succeeds in killing the evil fox which tried to kill her, also.

Revenge of a Woman

Revenge of a Woman 1971

Sir Choi and his son Wan, are in an exile. Wan gets engaged with Seol there, but as Sir Choi has been granted an amnesty, he goes to Seoul, deserting his daughter-in-law despite Wan's sincere request to bring her to Seoul. Wan wins the first place of the state examination and gets married with Beo-Deul, a daughter of the prime minster. Seol who got killed by Sir Choi when she came to Seoul to meet Wan, scares Wan out of wits every night with her mother's ghost. Beo-Deul succeeds in recovering Wan's health with the help of some old monk, but in the end, Wan and his father Choi get killed, being seduced by Seol's ghost.

Ghost and Painter

Ghost and Painter 1970

Artist Kyeong-pa is asked by the father of a dead girl to paint a portrait of the man's daughter to put her soul to rest. But whenever the artist tries to paint it, a different woman appears on the canvas. The image always takes the form of a woman whom he loved but has also passed away. The ghost of the man's daughter is not very happy that her painting has not been finished and makes her wrath known.