Khooni Panja

Khooni Panja 1991

Seema is murdered by her husband and her hand dismembered. This hand proceeds to capture the body of Pinky and systematically kills her entire in-law family in order to extract revenge on her husband who is killed by his brother Ajay.

Empire of Madness

Empire of Madness 1989

Don’t be misled by the title and put your lube away: True Gore II (aka Empire of Madness) (1989)–M Dixon Causey’s follow-up to the eponymous first entry–has virtually no true gore in it at all. Instead, the first half is a compilation of faux-snuff vignettes akin to something you’d find in a SOV horror collection like Snuff Perversions 1 & 2, Snuff Files, The Dead Files, Violations I & II, or even more recent titles like Murder Collection Volume 1. The second half is in turn a send-up of satanic panic style videos like Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults, Devil Worship: The Rise Of Satanism, and countless others shat out during the 80s/90s. The vignettes are hilariously inept to the point where it seems clear that Causey was parodying the shockumentary form. Even the credits are a joke, mocking the seriousness with which shocku producers take themselves, crediting a ‘researcher’ for a film that clearly had none, and a ‘visual archivist’ being listed in place of a cameraman.

1013 Briar Lane

1013 Briar Lane

In 2008, a real-life mystery began to unfold when a real estate company (name withheld by request) discovered video footage shot in one of its vacant properties. The tapes were acquired by local documentary filmmakers Jarrod Rogan and Haman Movafagh, who began piecing together a series of bizarre instances recorded by a man living in the house. Apparently waiting for his wife and daughter to join him from out of state, the man began documenting strange activity that kept him from sleeping for days on end. The eerie recordings have become the subject of much controversy among paranormal investigators, and are finally being released to the general public. This first documentary from Son of Jason Films challenges audiences to explain what happened in the house on Briar Lane.

Dead Meat

Dead Meat 1993

Simon lures victims into his basement and mutilates them—cutting off their noses, feet, fingers, and heads—and then carefully wraps and labels them and stores them in his freezer. It’s also where he stores his ice cream sandwiches. Sometimes he takes heads out of the dryer and gasps, “Hot head! Hot head!”

Night of horror

Night of horror 1988

Someone wants to buy Gortswill, while a student decides he wants to spend the night at the cursed castle. But the devil has his hands in the game and the night will be, The Night of Horror! Part 2 of the Das Buch Der Blutigen Geschichten Trilogy

The Chinese Whimsy

The Chinese Whimsy 1974

A young scholar is asked by a woman ghost to bring her back to the world where she wants to take her revenge on her killers.

A Child's Voice

A Child's Voice 1978

A popular radio personality writes and broadcasts ghost stories over the air. He receives a strange call warning him not to finish his latest story, which is about a child who dies assisting in a magician's show.

Cake of Blood

Cake of Blood 1971

Four part anthology horror film, with segments featuring witchcraft, ghosts, Frankenstein and his monster, and Romans battling Celtic vampires.

The 3-D Army

The 3-D Army 1989

An evil sorcerer traps a young hopping zombie and his friend with magic. He later tries to raise an army of zombies to help carry out his nefarious schemes. It is up to a few heroes to try to stop his sinister schemes and his undead minions. (from ZMDB)

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A group of friends are terrorized by a stalker who knows about a gruesome incident from their past. A remake/reboot of the 1997 horror film, 'I Know What You Did Last Summer.'


Blutgeil 1993

Two vicious cops go after a group of junkies. It doesn't end well for them.

The Paper Round

The Paper Round

A psychological short horror that uncovers the gruesome reality behind a continuous cycle of events.