22 Weeks

22 Weeks 2009

A young woman is locked in the bathroom of an abortion clinic after her aborted baby is born alive.

Devil's Possessed

Devil's Possessed 1974

An evil ruler uses witchcraft and evil spirits to keep his subjects in line, but the his reign of terror prompts the people to revolt.

Psycho Sisters

Psycho Sisters 1974

After her husband dies, a woman begins to have a nervous breakdown and is consoled by her younger sister. Soon, however, other members of the family begin to suspect the younger woman's motives.

Savage Intruder

Savage Intruder 1970

Miriam Hopkins, one of Hollywood's finest actresses during the '30s, gives an appropriately hammy performance as a demented former movie queen who, when not chugging down a bottle of vodka, is staggering around her decaying Hollywood mansion (the real-life home of famous silent screen star Norma Talmadge), plotting to make a comeback. When she breaks her leg during a drunken episode, she is assisted by a good-looking but strange young man (John Garfield, Jr.) who passes himself off as a male nurse, but is, in fact, a sick psychopath who has been dismembering several women who live in the Hollywood Hills. (IMDb)

Only Dogs Run Free

Only Dogs Run Free 2007

A successful lawyer, who has traumatic memories from his army service, is testifying against his best friend from his unit. His wife, a social-worker, is trying to save a poor family named Siton. The couple's life collapses when the wife get raped by a gang.

Shadow of the Demon

Shadow of the Demon 2002

A tortured painted (played by director Lind) slowly loses his grip on sanity after his model girlfriend (Debbie Rochon) is lured to the dark side by a seductive female demon (Syn Devil).

El siniestro doctor Orloff

El siniestro doctor Orloff 1984

The son of the infamous Dr. Orloff clashes with his father when he begins to stalk and dismember prostitutes in order to get parts to reanimate his dead mother.

Man Eaters

Man Eaters 1988

Two shipwrecked castaways discover the island they have landed upon is shared by three beautiful women living aloneā€¦ who are rather hungry! (IMDb)