Salandar 1980

The Mongol invasion of Iran leaves the country devastated but the people fight for their right in their own way.

That World Is Gone

That World Is Gone

Kathy's family left on a Saturday morning in 1965. The rumble of bulldozers echoed through the neighborhood, and her block was empty. Federally-funded urban renewal had arrived in Charlottesville, scattering dozens of families like Kathy's. The once-vibrant African American community, built by formerly enslaved men and women who had secured a long-denied piece of the American dream, disappeared.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh 1990

Golden Globe nominee Linus Roache stars as troubled painter Vincent van Gogh in this drama from the BBC's "Omnibus" series. Struggling to make ends meet first as an art dealer, then as a missionary in a coal mine, van Gogh was tormented by elusive love and madness. After notoriously cutting off his ear and spending a year in an asylum, we see the artists struggles and passions throughout his life.


Christophoros 1985

Two men who have been fighting on enemy sides in WWII, find themselves as neighbors many years later in peace. A woman whose husband was killed under shady circumstances back then, tries to calm the passions of these old people, last residents in their village.

Strange Wedding

Strange Wedding 1986

The year is 1943. At his last breath, partisan Gani asks his friends to make sure that his daughter Sherka is married on the date set in advance for her wedding. Once the wedding ceremony starts, they find out that the bridegroom is a collaborator of the invaders. Sherka decides to cancel her wedding and joins her father s friends in their struggle for the liberation of the country.