Death Trap

Death Trap 1962

A young woman commits suicide. Her sister is not ready to let the death go without someone answering a few questions. Namely, was it really suicide, and where is the large amount of money her sister withdrew from the bank the day before her death.

Solo for Sparrow

Solo for Sparrow 1962

A group of crooks accidentally kill an elderly shop assistant while stealing the keys to the jewellery shop where she works.

Locker 69

Locker 69 1962

A shady business man has perpetrated a fraud that has resulted in the death of a large number of people. His business partner has evidence of the fraud and threatens the fraudster with exposure in the event of any further dishonest dealing. But when the fraudster suddenly receives death threats he decides to fake his own murder in a plan both to get his hands on the evidence.


Intrusion 1961

Early short film by director Michael Reeves, where two young men break into a house and terrorise the woman who ives there.

Five to One

Five to One 1963

Alan Roper tells Bookie Larry Hart that he is planning to steal £60,000 and Hart offers to launder the money for him. What Hart doesn't know is that it is actually his money Roper intends to steal.

To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold 1963

A young woman is harassed by a man and seeks help from the police. The officer who visits her falls in love with her, but shortly after she is murdered.

Delta Fox

Delta Fox 1979

Woman is kidnaped by hitman who discovers that he is the target of another hitman.

Return to Sender

Return to Sender 1963

A fraudster is arrested for stealing a large sum of money from his partners. When he learns that a particularly brilliant barrister will lead the prosecution against him he sets out to undermine the credibility of the barrister.

On the Run

On the Run 1963

An ex-con escapes from jail to clear himself about a robbery charge

The Clue of the New Pin

The Clue of the New Pin 1961

TV journalist Tab Holland assists Scotland yard with the murder of a reclusive millionaire whose corpse is discovered locked in a vault. The key to the vault is mysteriously found on the table beside the corpse.

Change Partners

Change Partners 1965

An adulterous couple turn to murder, only to discover that a petty crook and blackmailer has already had his eye upon them.

Act of Murder

Act of Murder 1964

A dangerous psychological game plays out between a man and the husband of the lover who spurned him.

Double Tap

Double Tap 2011

Bobby Giovanni is a distraught police detective and father over the edge. Plagued by his past and mourning the death of his wife he compensates by taking Vicodin and other prescription drugs. Upon discovering who murdered his wife he seeks revenge as social services takes his children away!

Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes

Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes 1994

When Spenser (Robert Urich), his psychologist girlfriend, Susan Silverman (Barbara Williams), and his right-hand man, Hawk (Avery Brooks), investigate a brutal murder in a quaint New England town, they discover plenty of illegal activity and cocaine. This 1994 made-for-television movie brings many of the beloved characters from the 1980s drama series (based on the books by Robert B. Parker) back to the small screen.