Passkey to Danger

Passkey to Danger 1946

An advertising man's new campaign for a fashion designer attracts the attention of mysterious characters.

One Exciting Week

One Exciting Week 1946

The citizens of the small town of Midburg are thrilled when one of their native sons, Dan Flannery, becomes a war hero while serving in the Merchant Marines. But before arriving he is stricken with amnesia and falls in with a gang of crooks...

Black Pearl

Black Pearl 1934

Polish seaman returns home from Tahiti with a native lover and a fortune in sacred pearls, gets seduced by a married woman unaware she is part of a gang trying to get his riches.


Mitti 2001

Ganga is sexually molested, assaulted, tortured and killed by a goon employed by Pagla Jaan, a Kolkata-based notorious gangster, whose wealth, power, and influence are beyond imagination. Deva undertakes to locate the killer, succeeds in his mission and beheads him publicly. Deva does not know that soon his friends' and family's lives will be endangered, and he, himself, will be hunted down - not only by an enraged Pagla Jaan and his army of goons - but also by the Police.

Escort for Hire

Escort for Hire 1960

An unemployed actor hires out as a bodyguard-companion for a woman and finds himself involved in murder.


Transatlantic 1960

An FBI man and English girl solve mystery surrounding the loss of an airliner.

Dead Lucky

Dead Lucky 1960

Mike Billings decides to give gambling a go and it happens he's good at it. His instant fortune attracts quite a number of characters including a con artist, a hired killer, and the requisite attractive woman.

The Love Captive

The Love Captive 1969

Pinpoint-accurate period portrait of late-'60's Greenwich Village detailing the lives and loves of the denizens of a run down downtown hotel and chamber-of-horrors peepshow. Wayfaring platinum souls, crooked cops practicing mind control, a vampire queen atop Dracula's coffin being slobbermauled by a werewolf in the shadow of Houdini's straitjacket and plenty of underpants sex.

Black Island

Black Island 1979

Joe and Michael, 13-year-old Brits, become separated from their class outing, stranded on a small island, and captured by armed men.


Shantytown 1943

Liz lives with her mother and stepfather in a boarding house on the "wrong side of the tracks"

When the City Dies

When the City Dies 1969

In a maternity hospital observed unusually high number of abortions. The authorities are conducting investigations into their suppliers drug Prolouton Prosilon. Mars Ragkousis is the leader of the gang that sells illegal drugs. The girlfriend of actor, Gella, not knowing where they come from the money with which filmed the new movie. Her acquaintance with the young doctor Claus, would reveal the true face of Ragousi.

The Candy Man

The Candy Man 1969

An American actress travels to Mexico to make a movie and brings her daughter with her. Upon arriving in Mexico, she is spotted by a drug dealer who also heads a kidnapping ring. He plants one of his drug-addicted "customers" with the actress as her nanny in order to be kidnap the child for ransom, but things don't work out as planned.

Organización criminal

Organización criminal 1968

A summit meeting of rival gangs, one predominantly Italian and the other a mix of Polish, Irish, and Italian mobsters, fails to resolve their differences, and gang war breaks out.

The Main Chance

The Main Chance 1964

A wealthy young layabout tries to double cross the master-crook who has engaged him to do a job.

The Bullet and the Horse

The Bullet and the Horse 1966

A number of recently released prisoners become involved in a racket with a rancher who is a rival to a neighboring landowner and wants to use the convicts to seize his ranch. The rancher does not know, however, that he had years before killed the parents of one of their number.

The Jewel

The Jewel 1933

A family heirloom is stolen and the family attempts to recover it.