My Life as a Teenage Robot: Escape from Cluster Prime

My Life as a Teenage Robot: Escape from Cluster Prime 2005

A Nickelodeon television special. Jenny/XJ9 accidentally ruins everybody's day by causing massive collateral damage to the town. Shunned by everyone but her closest friends, she wanders the wreckage and stumbles onto a transporter Vexus used to escape. She is transported to Cluster Prime - a supposed robot utopia.

Virtual Love

Virtual Love 1993

A love story for the 90s: Valery falls in love with an identical twin, a virtual reality scientist, and finds she can have a more intimate relationship with him through the computer screen than in person. Or is it really him?


Sinner 2016

In a dystopian future where technology is blamed for all the world's ills, Companions, human-like artificial intelligence, struggle to survive.

The Day I Vanished

The Day I Vanished 1959

After shooting himself with a mysterious syringe that renders him invisible, a man wreaks havoc on those unfortunate enough to have wandered into his domain. He-Man creator and genre auteur Don Glut pays tribute to H.G. Wells' creation with a series of sight gags and charmingly rough science-fiction wizardry. - Jackson Scarlett

Crest of the Stars: Birth

Crest of the Stars: Birth 2000

This is the story about how Dubus, Lafiels father, and Plakia after an adventure on a mysterious, abandoned spaceship decided to have a daughter together and why Dubus gave her the name Lafiel.

The Changing Same

The Changing Same 2001

An Alien is sent to earth to investigate the "incubators." She discovers that she is replacing a rogue agent. She questions her mission.



Adam, 11, is a messenger sent by God to spread the Final News. He'll heal you from your sins and prepare you for the Last Day. Will you be ready when they come? You don't have a lot of time, they're here : the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.



Norman is an architect living in a dystopic future, a world where independent thinking is not tolerated and everyone draws along the same line. But one day Norman stumbles upon the building blocks of a creative revolution.

Hermit: Monster Killer

Hermit: Monster Killer 2016

This creature feature tells the story of a an old grumpy man (the hermit) on revenge, a pack of hunters and a rugby gorilla mascot running for his life, with one thing in common: an alien being that has crashed to earth, eating anyone in its path. Now it's up to the heroes to stop this menacing creature at all cost.

Bavi Stock II: The Revenge of Eyesma -Beyond The Throbbing Love-

Bavi Stock II: The Revenge of Eyesma -Beyond The Throbbing Love- 1986

Kate, the agent of police planet G.P.P. is still fighting Ventica Empire. She has the aces against the Empire with her: Bavi and Mooma. They have to crashland on an unknown planet, where there is not only a thriving vegetation of trees higher than a hundred metres, but also animals resembling dinosaurs. Before the three could find a way of getting out of this jungle, a strong enemy sent by the Empire arrives: cyborg soldier Eyesman.


Counter 2013

Time travel was invented in the year 2113. Mankind discovers that it is impossible to change the past, though this does not stop rogue time travelers from trying. TCC member Nova goes back to 2013 to eliminate her target. She meets Yonik who has been sent back to aid her. The two find the target named Bly, who Yonik quickly kills. It is later revealed that Yonik was actually sent back to eliminate Nova. Bly appears and saves Nova. Confused, Nova demands answers from Bly. He explains that she is crucial for the future and that Yonik is trying to kill her and change the past, even though he can’t. A series of time-travel plot twists lead to a surprising and compelling conclusion.