Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On

Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On 1973

David Janssen plays Harry Orwell, a retired L.A. cop who was shot during a robbery and whose partner was killed in the incident. Harry is in constant pain due to the bullet lodged near his spine, but he works off and on as a private detective to supplement his pension. Late one night, Harry is approached in his home by one of the men who shot him (Martin Sheen) to help find the other man (Sal Mineo) involved in the robbery, who he says is trying to kill him. Is it a setup? This was the first pilot for the ABC detective series *Harry O*, which (after a second pilot, *Smile Jenny, You're Dead*, was picked up) aired from September 1974 to April 1976.

At Twelve Midnight

At Twelve Midnight 1933

A hero in a robbery comes up against a crime boss and the crooked guardian of the girl he loves

The Arizona Kid

The Arizona Kid 1930

The Arizona Kid (Warner Baxter) carries out his mission as a Robin Hood-type bandit while posing as a wealthy and carefree miner. He falls for an eastern girl, Virginia Hoyt (Carole Lombard), accompanied by presumably her brother, Dick Hoyt (Theodore von Eltz), actually her husband. The Kid's mine is raided and two of his friends are killed and he learns that Dick and Virginia are the culprits...


Feedback 1978

Low budget drama centering on unscrupulous political Machiavellians in the Soviet Union.

The Cabinet of Francis

The Cabinet of Francis

On Jihwan’s journey for his next novel, he encounters Hansung, his old friend and novel writer. Jihwan followed Hansung into a strange valley only to fail to catch Hansung, a place where he came across a black covered note. Jihwan refers the novel and mimic one. After that, revealing intricate connection between Hansung and Jihwan.


Legend 2011

Claudia, a ten-year-old girl, leaves with her family to spend the weekend out of town. During their car trip, they decide to take a short rest at an abandoned gas station. The appearance of a strange woman will reveal her true fate to Claudia.

El día que llegaron

El día que llegaron 2004

Samuel is an engineer who has been commissioned by several organizations to create a system that can track extraterrestrial life. This assignment submerges him into his work and creates an obsession that pushes him to neglect his health and his marriage. His mind will begin to take him trough uncertain ways whereas his wife, María, will try to bring him back to reality.

Casa de mi madre

Casa de mi madre 2016

A fire rages in the woods near a village. This fire triggers a memory in a lonely, middle-aged woman, which pushes her to utter aloud the words she's always wanted to say.

A Long Journey Toward Death

A Long Journey Toward Death 1968

Juan is subjected to shock treatment in the hands of Dr. David, and apparently is able to resume a "normal" life. He and his wife María make dolls in a workshop attached to their apartment in New York. However, John does not heal and he starts looking for the nurses to murder them.

Das Foot

Das Foot 2008

Das Foot was RedLetterMedia's first time doing the Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project, in which you have 48 hours to conceive, write, film, and edit a short film. The idea was based on a story in the news around the time about random severed feet washing up along the shore somewhere in Canada.

Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights 1963

Professional gambler Dan Crown arrives in San Juan to visit his brother Alex, only to learn from the police that Alex has been found murdered. To Captain Acosta's questioning, Dan answers that he had no knowledge of his brother's affairs. Dan then finds Gina Rosario searching his hotel room, and together they begin to investigate Alex's death.

Shinjuku Boy Detectives

Shinjuku Boy Detectives 1998

n the streets of ultra-modern Shinjuku, Sosuke,a young would-be detective, all of a sudden attacked by a monster robot and falls unconscious. Determined to unravel the mystery, Sosuke joins forces with four members to fight against the robot. Will they be successful?

La Femme cachée

La Femme cachée 2012

Marc Delvaux, a famous retired police commissioner, lives alone in a large building in the Lyon countryside on the banks of the Saône. When a lawyer friend asks him to house Emma for a while, a young woman who has to testify, he accepts without suspecting that he has just signed his return to the field.

The Blind

The Blind 1989

A blind man stumbles about in a desert before his seeing stick is caught in a bear trap. Crawling, he manages to find a waiting line composed of the blind queuing outside a cinema. Their thoughts are represented by the twelve absurdist sketches that make up the film feature film Adrenaline (1990).

Dios sólo mira

Dios sólo mira 2011

Short thriller about a photojournalist who had to watch other people's death. He is questioned on whether he made the right choice by taking the picture of a man who commits suicide in Haiti. He is then haunted further by a mysterious series of photographs sent to him, one of which shows his own death.